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Managing the risk of Network and Infrastructure transformation
For Enterprises


2 decades spent managing networks for major Enterprises qualifies us to offer the following services;

  • To work with our clients to formulate network and infrastructure strategy based upon business and technology priorities.

  • To assist our clients in preparing for the transformation to 'Software Defined Infrastructure' in terms of engineering and operational requirements.

  • Network design and architecture services.

  • Cloud computing architecture and migration planning.

  • Network security assessments.

  • To assess the applicability, design and implementation of SDN technologies into client networks.

  • Operational and technical risk assessments.

  • To assess and implement infrastructure engineering process improvements.

  • To assist in CIO level presentations of options, aligned with business level outcomes.

For Service Providers


We offer technical and architectural advice to companies implementing Cloud / XaaS platforms in the areas of Network Integration, Security and SDN.

For Tech Companies


Having sat upon advisory boards of companies such as Cisco and Juniper, provided product advice to numerous startup companies, and provided leadership and expertise to public bodies such as ONF and CPNI we are highly experienced in providing strategic product development advice to companies large and small.

We are also experienced at engaging with senior IT leadership (to CIO level), necessary when introducing transformative technologies into clients.

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