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IT Infrastructure Solutions

through deep technical expertise and commercial focus


​At Groundswell we have extensive experience of delivering innovative networking products and solutions working with Enterprises, Service Providers and Technology Companies. A key consideration in any sort of fundamental IT infrastructure transformation is to balance the value being delivered with the risks assumed. We believe that sound architectural and operational practices can be used to mitigate these risks and allow our clients to achieve substantial value from their innovation.


Groundswell Technology Consulting is the consultancy vehicle for Marc Woolward. Marc has tremendous technical leadership experience as Technology Fellow and CTO of Networking and Telecommunications at Goldman Sachs. Groundswell offers highly commercial and deeply technical architectural guidance to our clients, specializing in operational and technological transformation, innovative product design, and risk mitigation.

Prepare for IT Infrastructure Transformation

The development of Infrastructure 'Software Definition' and dynamic Cloud services has been the most disruptive change to technology fundamentals in two decades. 

We are highly experienced in positioning network organizations and architectures for this revolution and in developing products and services which leverage SDx techniques to the full.

We have deep expertise in the areas of Risk Management, Network Architecture, Security, SDN, Cloud and Engineering processes.


"Marc has  DEEP expertise in data centre infrastructure, leaning on his primary area of speciality in networking, and was instrumental in translating business requirements from our applications into infrastructure solutions."

Christian Sarrasin, CEO CleanSafeCloud

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